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The Beatles 3D Puzzle Drum Set

The Beatles 3D Puzzle Drum Set

Monday, Nov 27, 2017 0 comment(s)

The Beatles 3D Puzzle Drum Set

When we talk about The Beattles and Drums, you must think of Ringo Starr.

While Lennon and McCartney were widely praised for their songwriting talents, Starr's contributions were not as readily acknowledged.

He was known for his strong drumming talents, but he also assisted in the group's creative process and was a key ingredient of the group's emotional stability and good humor, and very likely the reason they stayed together as long as they did.

Unlike past drummers who remained firmly in the background, Starr was seen an equal part of the Fab Four.

Despite not being a songwriter of the same caliber as his band mates, he was always given one song on each album to star in, and was happy with the arrangement.

His unique drumming style was an integral part of what made the Beatles so iconic, and would influence future generations of drummers for decades to come.

Did you think of owning the Drum Set of The Beattles? Maybe you can't in past. But with this "The Beatles 3D Model Drum Set", now you can.

< Materials >
430 Alloy Stainless Steel

< Finished Model Size >
8.2cm x 5cm x 9cm

< Time Required >
It may take 1-4 hours to finish the puzzle.