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Luminous Rubik's Cube

Luminous Rubik's Cube

Monday, Nov 27, 2017 0 comment(s)

USB Rechargeable, Luminous LED Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube has been transformed continuously in past few years.

There are different variations of Rubik's Cubes with up to seventeen layers: the 2×2×2 (Pocket/Mini Cube), the standard 3×3×3 cube, the 4×4×4 (Rubik's Revenge/Master Cube), and the 5×5×5 (Professor's Cube) being the most well known.

The 17×17×17 "Over The Top" cube (available late 2011) is currently the largest (and most expensive, costing more than a thousand dollars) commercially sold cube. A working design for a 22×22×22 cube exists and was demonstrated in January 2016.

Chinese manufacturer ShengShou has been producing cubes in all sizes from 2×2×2 to 10×10×10 (as of late 2013).

This time we want to introduce a brand new Rubik's Cube - Luminous Rubik's Cube.

< Specification >

- Cut Type     :  3 x 3 x 3 cube

- Dimension :  8.9cm * 8.9cm * 8.9cm

- Has On/Off Switch to turn on/off the LED light

- Rechargeable by USB (USB cable is not included)

- LED Duration : Around 120 minutes with charging 50 minutes

- Battery : 50mAH

- Suitable for Age : 6 Years Old or above

Price : $24.99